I am 34 years old with 4 kids and tired of this road. I am presently incarcerated on a violation of drug. A friend of mine had a flyer of yours and said that you had a good program that you can help ex-cons like me out to get my life in order. Ms Jackson I’m willing to do the right thing if I was just given a chance.  I’m just one to sit with the wrong crowd at times. All I’m asking and wanting is for you to take me in to your program, I promise I will do well, I just need a change.

Robert C

I am currently incarcerated because of a drug charge. I take full responsibility for my actions but I find it hard not take drugs when I’m stressed. Knowing that these actions keep landing me in a place where I don’t want to be (jail). I am turning to you for help, help myself to get my life back on track and take a more positive route with the right help and guidance. I would also be interested in any program that helps me get my driver’s license back. It would really mean a lot to me if I was accepted into your program. I took forward to hearing from you.