We start each morning with a daily devotion as so many of you do, please include us in your prayer as we include you in ours.


If you would like to donate time, talents or hugs to a worthy cause, please contact us so that we can share your talents throughout our organization. Mentors – Our clients are looking for people like you who are doing what they aspire to do.  Succeed. If this is you then you would be a wonderful mentor.

Bus Passes

All Day - $5.50 ; 7 day - $24.00 (Purchase MTA tickets Online)

Gift Cards

We can buy needed items for our clients and our offices when you donate gift cards. They could be for McDonald’s - $5 as who doesn’t love to buy a cup of coffee and a biscuit to start the workday off.  Or they could be for Target - $20 who doesn’t like a pair of new undergarments for that first week of work. Whatever you appreciated having on your job journey or as you work our clients would appreciate the same. Be creative….

Sponsor a Client


So often we have clients who have the desire and hope but lack financial resources. You can sponsor them for $25 a month and we will send you weekly updates on their progress in our six to nine month program

Sponsor a program

H.U.G.G.S has developed several program initiatives that require on going support from concerned and thoughtful people such as you. For as little as $50 per month you can help in keeping our programs running and we will send quarterly newsletters about what we are doing. Friends of H.U.G.G.S - if you would like to join us and our journey personally or through your organization please let us know. We love our supporters and know they believe in our mission and vision.