Balancing Your Life Program Provides

Functional Skills: We assist clients in areas of home, family/parenting, employment, community
involvement, health, and functional academics. We provide classes to help our clients become ready to
look for work; interview skills, resume writing, and basic computer skills.

Social Skills: This group is designed to facilitate interaction ad communication with others. It will assist
participant in communicating, relating and socializing with others appropriately using both verbal and
nonverbal forms of communication. We provide weekly support group meeting and individual peer
counseling to help them make the adjustment.

Life Skills: Making informed decisions, solving problems, thinking critically and creatively, 
communicating effectively, building healthy relationships, empathizing with others, confronting and
managing their lives in a healthy and productive manner, money management, food, preparation, 
hygiene, and organizational skills. Ex-Offenders experience a number of difficulties as they try to the
basics of life in order. These basics include health care, food, clothing, housing, utilities, driver's license, 
and voting rights. We offer both information and financial assistance in these areas.



Balancing Your Life Addiction Recovery Program Provides

Strategies and Techniques
Stages of Relapse
Group Support
Individual Support

Balancing Your Life Intensive Outpatient Program Provides

Safety seeking skills
Motivational Interviewing Technique
Behavioral Cognitive
Approach Group
Sessions Individual Sessions

More programs become available as funding and support continues